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There are many things to consider before, while and after changing or rekeying your home or office locks. Is it better to rekey or change the locks? Can you rekey your own locks? And what does it even mean to rekey a lock?

We decided to make things easy for you and explain everything you need to know. Basic things such as how long does it take to rekey a lock (about five minutes) , when you should rekey your new house or lock, and where you can get help. (Locksmith, Home depot, Ace, Lowes etc).

In addition, we highly recommend knowing which brand of lock you have(Schlage, Kwikset, Yale etc) as it makes a difference about the process of rekeying the lock.

Moreover, we also outlined situations where be believe it would be a smart move to rekeying your locks, e.g. when you lose your keys, moved into a new apartment etc and how much it usually cost to rekey or change a lock.

Finally, remember that there are many lock brands out there, and not all of them can be rekeyed. Therefore, it would always be wise to call a locksmith and get an additional opinion. We can help you with that.

Residential & Commercial Locks Rekey Is

What does it mean rekeying a lock?

Lets start from the beginning. Rekeying a lock simply means to change the key, but to keep the same lock you currently have. In addition, the main benefit of rekeying a lock is cost effective. There is no need to buy a new expansive lock when you can simply change the key. As long as the lock function, this is a very good way to save money. Therefore, we can definitely say that is cheaper to rekey a lock than to completely replace it.

Locks rekeyed - Cilynder
High security mailbox lock - Some can be rekeyed
Locks Changed Or Rekeyed Rochester NY - Schlage Locks
Schalge key - The numbers on the key used to rekey the lock and match the pins.

Who can rekey your home or office locks? Which locks can be rekeyed?

In case you decided you want to rekey your home or office locks, you have a few options of doing that:

First, call a locksmith who offer a mobile service – most locksmiths do offer on site service so there is no need to take the locks off the door and to a locksmith shop. A professional residential or commercial locksmith can do it on site and indeed most locksmiths will.

Second, do it yourself – if you feel comfortable, you can try and rekey your locks yourself. You will need a rekey kit, basic rekey tools and both old and new keys. Please note that we do not recommend rekeying your locks yourself if you havent done so before. It may get tricky and not all locks can be rekeyed. If you sure you want to give it a try, make sure you choose the same brand key as you currently have. 

Third – taking your locks to Home depot, Lowes, Ace or any other hardware store. There is a good chance they will offer you a rekeying service.

Schlage Lock - Very common and easy to rekey
Single sided dead bolt Kwikset - Also easy to rekey

Residential & Commercial Locks Rekey Is

A simple door knob rekey or high security master key system, we will have the right solution for your home or business security. We take great pride in our products, services and employees and therefore we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Partial list of our locks rekey services:

  1. Highly competative prices – Up to 40% off our competitors!
  2. All locks rekeyed, changed, install or repair. Door knobs, deadbolts, rim cylinders and more
  3. All major lock brands in stock – Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, Kaba, Baldwin, Simplex, AMSEC, Emtek, Assa, Weiser, Ilco and more. Not only we can rekey or change these locks, we also carry most of them in stock, so we can install them for you on site
  4. Master key systems – For large enterprises and commercial customers. Key control for employees, up to 500 different levels
  5. Emergency exit devices installed, changed or repaired.
  6. CCTV, security cameras and more
  7. 24 HR emergency service available for home or office lockouts.


Q: I have a Kwikset door knob and a Schlage dead bolt. Is it possible to have one key for both locks?

A: No. Kwikset and Schalge locks have different key way and therefore one of the locks will have to be changed in order to match the keys. Furthermore, most lock brands have either Kwikset or Schalge key way and therefore it is important to be aware that it can not be on the same key.

Q: I bought rekey kit at Lowes and I cant rekey my Kwikset lock. I do not have the original key. What is the reason and can it be done?

A: There are many rekey kits available today at Lowes, Home Depot, Ebay etc. However, to rekey a lock without the original key is a more complicated task. Therefore, we recommend calling a residential locksmith who specialize in locks rekey. Once you have a new key, you will be able to rekey the locks in the future without much of a problem.

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Q: How can I know if I can have one key for all my locks at my house? I know some of them are Schlage, some are Kwikset and some are Defiant. How can I rekey my locks to have one key? What can I do if the locks cant be rekeyed to one key?

A: There is a simple way to know if your house locks can operate on one key. It all depends on the type of key way of the locks you have.

Kwikset, Defiant and Yale brands have the same key way and therefore can be operated on the same key.

Schlage has a different key way and therefore cant be operated on the same key as the other brands. However, there is a simple solution. You can change your Schalge locks to Kwikset and then rekey the locks to the same key.

While changing locks is more expansive, this is the only way to have all your house locks on the same key

How much does it cost to rekey locks?

Depends on the type of locks you have(high security, simple door knob, deadbolt etc) and the brand( Kwikset, Schlage or medeco) the price of rekeying a lock ranges between $10-$50. In addition, these prices only relevant for changing the pins, not replacing the lock.

Locks Rekeyed Rochester NY
mortise lock cylinder with Schlage keys - The price of rekeying a lock depends on a few factors
variety of keys for locks different brands kwikset schlage yale for door knob and deadbolt locks 2
variety of keys for locks different brands kwikset schlage yale for door knob and deadbolt lock

Home depot, Lowes and Ace locks rekey - All you need to know

Rekey locks at Home depot, Lowes or Ace is, for most locks a good option. They can rekey your locks on site, and match the new locks you have to the same key. In addition, you can ask to have different keys for different locks. There is, however, some things to consider:

1. Home Depot, Ace & Lowes cant rekey all type of locks. For simple door locks and deadbolts, there shouldn’t be any issue. However, with commercial locks, there may have an issue as they don’t carry all key ways.

2. Make sure they carry the same locks as you currently have(Kwikset, Schlage etc) as this is crucial for being able to match the keys.

3.  Finally, remember that they only have the most basic brands in stock. For a more secure locks, you may want to check with a locksmith.