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Welcome to our FAQ page. We created this page to answer some of the most common questions asked by our customers. Please call us if you are not sure if we can assist you. We would love to help!

Q: I need the locks on my house changed or rekeyed.  Do you carry Baldwin brand locks as well?

A: Yes, our technicians carry a variety of locks, Baldwin included.  We can send someone to your location to change or rekey your locks for you.

Q: I own a business and I need to have my locks rekeyed because I lost my set of keys.  Do you provide this service for commercial as well?

A: Yes, we provide rekeying locks for businesses as well. We can have someone out there today to rekey the locks for you.

Q:  I have lost the keys to my filing cabinets in my office, can you change the locks out on them and provide new keys?

A: Yes, our technicians can change out filing cabinets locks for you and provide keys as well.  We can set up an appointment for you today to have your filing cabinet locks changed, no problem.

Q:  I need to set up an appointment to have all the locks on my office building rekeyed all to the same key and have duplicates made for the employees.  Can you do that and make some extra keys for me?

A: No problem, we can set up an appointment time at your convenience to have a technician come out and rekey the office locks as well as provide as many duplicates as you may need, on-site.

Q: I would like to have new Schlage locks installed at my house.  I already have the locks I want; I just need them installed.  Do you do that?

A: Yes, we can do that for you.  Our technicians can install the locks for you and will ensure that they are working properly with the doors. Schlage, Kwikset, Yale and more, we do it all.

Q: Hello, I just bought a small apartment complex and need to have the individual units’ locks changed and deadbolts installed.  How soon can you send someone to rekey or change my locks?

A: We can definitely have a technician come out and do those services for you.  If the doors require a hole drilled for the deadbolts, they will be able to do that as well.

Q: Do you provide rekeying services or only lockout service?  I need two locks rekeyed on my apartment.

A: Yes, we do offer locks change and rekeying services, as well as emergency.  Our technicians can rekey your apartment locks for you, no problem.

Q: I just bought a house and need to have the locks and deadbolts changed on all the doors.  I’ll be there later today around 6 PM. Do you provide after hours service?

A: Yes, we can set up an appointment to have a technician come out to your location at a time of your convenience and change the locks and deadbolts on your house.

Q: I have a restaurant door and need to have the push bar on the emergency exit repaired.  Do you do services like this?

A: Yes, our technicians have experience with push bar locks and can come to your shop and provide repair or replacing options for the door once they look at it to identify the problem.  

Q:  I need to have my house locks rekeyed, preferably all to the same key. Can you do that?

A: Absolutely!  We can have a technician come to your location to rekey your locks to one key and make duplicates if necessary.

Q:  Can you replace locks on a business to one with a higher security standard?  I’ve been broken into and would like to extra precaution so it doesn’t happen again.

A: Yes, our technicians carry a variety of different locks with them.  We can have a technician come to your location and install locks for a business that have a better security rating for you. Our techs have a variety of locks with them, so they can show you, and you can choose. We deal with most locks brands in the market, so that shouldn’t be a problem.