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Many people would like to know how to rekey Kwikset door knobs and dead bolts.

Kwikset Lock Rekey

Kwikset Lock

Kwikset Lock Rekey- Options:

  1. You can buy Kwikset rekey kit, which basically will give you the ability to change or rekey your locks to a different combination, or in other words, a different key to work. Please keep in mind that you may need additional tools to actually take the cylinder out of the lock. If you are not familiar with this, you better choose one of the other two options.
  2. Rekey your Kwikset locks at a hardware store – most stores offer this type of service, however, some of them will only rekey the locks if you actually bought it there.
  3. Call a locksmith – a locksmith can rekey any type of Kwikset lock and provide you with new keys. If you have more than one key for your house or office door, a locksmith can match them to work on the same key.


Rekeying Kwikset lock – How, when, cost and important things to remember:

  1. Since Kwikset and Schlage have different keyway, a locksmith can not make one key that open both locks. You will need to change one of the locks.
  2. Kwikset has many different type of locks, so in case you want to know how to rekey a Kwikset lock, first you have to know how many pins there are and what type of lock this is. Some of them, like high security locks, cant be rekeyed.
  3. It is a good idea to rekey your Kwikset locks when moving into a new apartment, buying a new house, or just after breaking up with your boy/ girl friend. Whenever you suspect that someone else has they keys and would like to make sure they cant get in, rekey your Kwikset locks.
  4. The price to rekey Kwikset locks vary. A locksmith would charge a service call + and parts and labor involved. The rekey should be somewhere between 19-45 per lock, depends on the brand.

We offer a complete Kwikset lock rekey services. We also carry Kwikset locks in stock so we can help you in case you would like to change the lock instead of rekeying it.